The 2021 complete textile sample book contains all of our textile samples neatly packaged into one book. After you purchase $550 worth of textiles, we will issue you a credit for a future order to cover the $55 purchase price of the book! $55 credit available only on purchase of first book. This is much cheaper than buying all of the sample cards individually. A great addition to any shop. Samples include: Allsport, Aqualast, Aquatime, Aquatop, Biscayne, Black Vinyl, Bullet, Capitano, Clear Vinyl, Cordura, Dynamite, Firesist, Freeport, Grand Cayman, General Laminate, Mesh, Pack Cloth, Premier, VINyl Coated Polyester, Seabrook, Surlast, and more.

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2001 2021 Complete Textile Sample Book Each

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