Pres-N-Snap Tool

Pres-N-Snap (Aluminum) for installing fasteners. Pres-N-Snap includes: tool, button die, socket die, stud die, eyelet die, and #1 grommet die.

Presenting the versatile and easy to use Pres-N-Snap by Hoover Products. It is capable of setting numerous brands of fasteners, simply by changing the dies. The heat-treated cast aluminum body makes it both lightweight and durable, ensuring you years of trouble free service. This tool and all of the components are made in the USA. For instructions on use, see the technical document below.

Order #8655 for complete kit with all parts listed above.

Pres-N-Snap kit replacement parts.

Dies for the Pres-N-Snap.

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Product Documents

Press-N-Snap Instructions

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8658 Bench Mount for Pres-n-Snap Each 1

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8655 Tool and Dies Complete Kit 3

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