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Rochford Heavy Duty Ratchets

These heavy duty ratchets are used to secure covers into place. You can also use these on construction sites or anywhere that you need a heavy duty fastener. Each ratchet is sold seperately, buy them in quantities to save money.

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Rochford Webbing Hook Wires

Use these hooks with webbing to hold covers in place. These are strong hooks and will hold strong through wear and tear. You can see the hooks attached to the webbing in the pictures above. Metal is about 1/4" thick. Hooks are about 2 3/8" long.
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Rope Ratchet

Rope Ratchets are perfect for a variety of your tie down needs! You simply attach the hooks and pull the loose end of the rope for a secure, tight hold. Rope Ratchets stay tight, locking in place as you pull the free end. To loosen you just pull the ...