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About Us

Rochford supplies leading manufacturers, marine fabricators and commercial upholsters across North America with marine fabrics, foam, upholstery and supplies to make the highest quality, most distinctive and highest performing products possible. We do this because we believe that Rochford Products help people around the world build a better life and help our commercial customers build better businesses.  

Rochford Supply launched in 1972 and has been the trusted source for manufacturers, professional fabricators and upholsterers who demand the highest level of quality and performance for over 50 years. In 2023 the company rebranded as Rochford, simplifying our branding and highlighting the increased demand by our customers for Rochford branded products which lead the industry in quality and performance. 

Rochford’s network of commercial customers are industry leaders who demand the highest quality products that bring their designs to life, and we are proud to be their long-term trusted partner. 


Small Fabricator Program:  

Rochford believes that small fabricators are the heart and soul of the industry, and we are committed to helping them succeed. That’s why we implemented the industry’s only Price Lock program that helps protect you from unexpected cost increases. Rochford also offers dedicated Purchasing Agents that specialize in helping small fabricators and upholsterers. Reach out to Rochford to learn how we can help you get your projects done faster and easier. 


Key Brands: 

Rochford: Rochford products and supplies are built with total dedication to quality, performance and durability that will provide years of home and commercial use. Rochford products are designed for specialty and professional fabricators dedicated to building the most distinctive  


CushionCraft: CushionCraft is the industry’s leading brand of upholstery supplies designed and built for professional upholsterers committed to creating products with unmatched quality and lasting beauty. CushionCraft products are built to last for years of commercial use in applications that demand the highest level of performance and durability and will provide years of enjoyment and memories. 


AquaTop: AquaTop is the strongest and most durable marine fabric and binding for any condition made with a single promise: Never Compromise 

AquaTop fabrics are up to 1.9x stronger than other leading fabrics and are designed for any condition ranging from sunbaked climates to subzero, snowy conditions. 

You can trust AquaTop fabric and matched binding for your most demanding marine travel and storage covers as well as any application that demands the strongest and highest performing cover fabric with the industry’s leading warranty. 



Rochford is passionate about protecting the outdoors and our environment. We recognize that sustainable practices are essential for a thriving future, and we have taken concrete steps to minimize our ecological impact; 

  • Transitioned to 100% recycled shipping boxes. 
  • Implemented low flow water systems across our operations. 
  • Installed a 3,500 sq.ft. solar array to supplement and offset our electrical usage. 
  • Implemented cardboard tubing and foam recycling programs. Customers can recycle their tubes with us at no cost and we recycle over 18,000 lbs. foam annually. 
  • Transitioned to a primarily electric forklift and material handling vehicle fleet. 
  • Installed motion control lighting in all our operations areas ensuring energy is conserved when an area is not being used. 

Our commitment to sustainability not only aligns with our values but also reduces our costs, attracts environmentally conscious customers, and creates long-term value for our community. Together, we can make a positive difference for the planet. 



Rochford’s Headquarters and Operations are located in the Minneapolis metropolitan area at: 

7624 Boone Ave. N, Suite 200 

Brooklyn Park, MN 55428 


Hours of Operation: 

Normal operating hours are Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm CDT.  


Contact Us:  

Rochford Sales team and Dedicated Purchasing Agents can be reached at (763) 447-6600 or via e-mail at info@rochfordsupply.com