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BEA Staple Gun 71 Series

SKU: 8690-K
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The BEA 71/16-421 air powered upholstery stapler drives 1/4" to 5/8" 22 gauge 3/8" crown staples. These staples are galvanized. One year warranty. This light but powerful stapler features a 1" nose length, ergonomic design, and integrated silencer making it suitable for both industrial and home use. Low air consumption, long service life, and ease of maintenance make this stapler a cost saver. Applications for this stapler include bedding, upholstery, packaging, and speaker grills. Pneumatic(Air Gun). Model 16-421.

This staple gun uses 3/8" wide staples

Repair Kit includes:

2 of all O-Rings
Driver Blade
Tension spring for magazine
Staple feeder bar
Leg spring for magazine catch