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CushionCraft Upholstery

CushionCraft upholstery supplies are the professional's trusted choice for commercial, marine, home and outdoor upholstery.


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CushionCraft PolyWrap Batting

5 reviews
From $36.14
CushionCraft Cotton Batting

1 review
From $47.30
CushionCraft Elasbelt

1 review
From $20.10
CushionCraft Innerspring

4 reviews
From $42.56
CushionCraft Clear Seam Tape

1 review
From $8.72
CushionCraft Indoor FlexWelt

1 review
From $38.34
CushionCraft Synthetic Jute Webbing

2 reviews
CushionCraft Tack Strip Guard

1 review
From $21.65
CushionCraft PolyDown Fill

1 review
CushionCraft Backing Board

1 review
From $17.10
CushionCraft Twill Tape

1 review

CushionCraft Professional Upholstery Supplies

Welcome to our one-stop-shop for all your upholstery needs! We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of high-quality CushionCraft® upholstery tools and supplies, making your reupholstering projects a breeze. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional upholsterer, our extensive collection has everything you need to revitalize your furniture and give it a fresh, elegant look.

For essential upholstery tools, we stock a wide variety of choices to suit your preferences and skill level. From classic upholstery hammers and tack pullers to advanced electric staple guns and foam saws, our selection ensures you have the right tools for every task.

When it comes to upholstery supplies, we've got you covered from start to finish. Starting with the basics, we offer durable burlap and various types of furniture springs, including coil springs and zigzag springs, to provide the perfect foundation for your upholstery project. Our upholstery batting options are second to none, with both polyester and cotton batting available to achieve the desired level of comfort and plushness.

To achieve a professional finish, we provide a range of finishing materials like hidem welt, seam tape, and welt cord, ensuring that your upholstery edges are clean and polished. For protecting cushion foam and easily positioning them into covers, CushionCraft's EZ film (also known as silk film) is a popular choice among upholsterers for its ease of use and excellent results.

For those intricate details, we offer reliable and sturdy cardboard tack strips and metal tack strips, which aid in securing fabric in hard-to-reach areas. Jute webbing and elasbelt are also readily available, offering strong support and durability to your furniture frames.

For the perfect fillings, we offer both down filling and fiberfill, allowing you to customize the level of softness or firmness in your cushions and pillows to suit your preferences.

To complete the project, we provide a selection of essential finishing touches such as upholstery decking, bondtex, cambric fabric, twill tape, and braided elastic, ensuring your furniture looks professionally upholstered inside and out.

Whether you're restoring antique furniture or updating modern pieces, our upholstery tools and supplies cater to all styles and preferences. So why wait? Transform your furniture with confidence and shop with us today!