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Acu Cutter Foam Saw Model 500

SKU: 510-007
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Introducing the Acu-Cutter 500: The Top Multi-Purpose Foam Saw

Discover the Acu-Cutter 500, the leading multi-purpose foam saw available in today's market. With its exceptional cutting capabilities, this top-notch saw can effortlessly slice through various foams such as CushionCraft, accommodating thicknesses of up to 8 ½ inches.

Equipped with two highly efficient blades, the Acu-Cutter 500 maximizes cutting performance. Moreover, its meticulously crafted blades, constructed from ½ inch (front to back) "V" tooth blade material boasting 10 teeth per inch, guarantee precise and consistent cuts every time.

Experience the unrivaled quality and reliability of the Acu-Cutter 500, the ultimate choice for all your foam cutting needs. Order yours today and unlock the full potential of precision foam cutting.