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CushionCraft Braided Elastic

SKU: 8842-005
Sold In:
144 yd. (432 ft.)
144 yd. (432 ft.)
144 yd. (432 ft.)
144 yd. (432 ft.)
144 yd. (432 ft.)
144 yd. (432 ft.)

Create products that last using CushionCraft Braided Elastic. Made of tightly-braided, high-rebound latex fibers, it offers both excellent tensile strength and remarkable comfort. The perfect choice for seating, upholstery, and other applications.

  • Excellent stretch retention and durability from tightly braided elastic (longer lifespan than knitted elastic)
  • Comfortable, soft, and curl-resistant
  • Supple design makes sewing and tying faster and easier

CushionCraft is the industry’s leading brand of upholstery supplies designed and built for professional upholsterers committed to creating products with unmatched quality and lasting beauty. CushionCraft products are built to last for years of commercial use in applications that demand the highest level of quality, performance and durability and will provide years of enjoyment and memories.