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Boat Vent II

SKU: 0868
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Easy to install, screw-on boat cover vent for increasing upholstery and cover life. Recommended for all boat covers.

Boat Vent II is a great way to get air to circulate and keep mold from growing in your boat covers. Just cut a hole in the fabric and screw the vent on.

Use this with the telescoping boat pole tubing.

Use our Hole Cutter to easily and quickly cut the hole in boat cover materials.

EASY TO INSTALL - Quick and easy installiation. Easiest way to vent & tent your boat cover
DURABLE - Protects against snow loads or heavy rain vs. sew in vents -will not allow pole to rip or tear cover.
VENT - The BoatVent II can be added to any custom or semi custom marine cover. Made with the latest UV inhibited polymers you can be sure it will withstand the elements.
NOTE - Support poles sold separately
USA MADE - Made in the United States