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Rochford Twist-Lock

SKU: 1865
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Quick-release Twist-Lock fastener for use with Twist-Lock Grommet and Washer.

Nickel covered brass directional fastener. Buy these individually or in bags of 100 for extra savings.

Use this with one of these 2 screws: part # 2825 or 2815.

Use this to attach fabric to another piece of fabric with these 2 parts: washers - 1875 and grommets - 1880

To cut your fabric for connecting these fasteners, use this Cutter.

Rochford products and supplies have been trusted by professional fabricators for over 50 years and are built with total dedication to quality, performance and durability that will provide years of home and commercial use. Rochford products are designed for specialty and professional fabricators dedicated to building the most distinctive and highest quality marine, commercial and upholstery projects. Trust your most demanding projects to Rochford products for years of durability and performance.