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WeatherMAX SG (Surface Guard)

SKU: 6651-334
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10.5 oz. fabric made from solution-dyed Saturamax™ fibers with a soft, protective backing.

Weathermax SG (Surface Guard) starts with the worldwide proven performance and durability of the Weathermax 80. Then a thin, flannel-like backing is added which creates a soft, protective underside that is sure to keep your surfaces looking new for years to come.

Unlike most soft-backed fabrics on the market, the manufacturers of Weathermax SG take the extra time and effort to coat both sides of the fabric with their proprietary Hydromax finish. Doing so creates a soft fabric that is water resistant on both sides, and also helps keep the SG free of dirt and contaminants that can scratch the surface being covered.

Made in the USA
Warranty: 5 Year limited
Weight: 10.5oz

Use our solution-dyed WeatherMAX® Thread for an exact color match!