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AquaTop™ SubZero Binding

SKU: 322-00510
Sold In: Linear Yard

Product Description
Perfectly matched AquaTop™ SubZero Binding for finishing the edges of your outdoor and marine fabric projects. Crafted from AquaTop™ SubZero, this 1” double edge turn binding is premium 11.6 oz. heavyweight marine fabric built to withstand extreme snow loads in cold-weather climates. It is engineered with hyper-thread polyester fiber to provide uncompromising strength, shrink and stretch resistance, and is up to 1.9x stronger than other leading fabrics. Coated with double-barrier Marine Avcoat to increase UV and water resistance and to maximize cold-weather performance.


Recommended Uses
The perfect choice when your customers demand the most hardworking covers exposed to heavy snow.



  • Hyper-thread engineered polyester fiber enhances strength, shrink-resistance, stretch-resistance, and UV stability (is also non-hygroscopic)
  • Marine-Avcoat is AquaTop’s heavy-duty vinyl coating that provides superior water repellency and UV resistance. Double-barrier means the fabric is coated on both sides.
  • Basket Weave for the strongest and most flexible woven core (also wrinkle resistant)
  • 8-year warranty is the longest in its class


AquaTop™ Complete Fabric System
All AquaTop colors are available with matched binding to save you time, help you achieve consistent long-term appearance, and set your products apart with distinction.

AquaTop is the strongest and most durable marine fabric and binding for any condition made with a single promise: Never Compromise. AquaTop fabrics are up to 1.9x stronger than other leading fabrics and are designed for any condition ranging from sunbaked climates to subzero, snowy conditions.

You can trust AquaTop for your most demanding marine travel and storage covers as well as any application that demands the strongest and highest performing cover fabric with the industry’s leading warranty.