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S-18 Neoprene Adhesive

SKU: 0251
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128oz (Gallon)

S-18 adhesive is used universally for bonding all kinds of porous and non-porous materials, such as glass, metal, leather, wood, tile, ceramics, cork, felt, fabrics, and many rubber compounds. S-18 is used for bonding SBR rubber and Neoprene to metals, leather,felt, fabrics and will bond many types of plastics to different materials. S-18 is not recommended for bonding pure gum rubber, vinyl, or materials where solvents used in S-18 will affect the material itself, such as polystyrene.

Excellent sprayability and very fast drying. Natural color. This is the recommended adhesive for marine carpet! Coverage area: 225 square feet surface area.

We cannot ship this to Canada.