Products: Composite

Rochford D-Ring

These plastic D-rings are not like most D-rings. They come in a couple of different varieties: plastic sewable and plastic loop. The sewable D-rings have a center weight and provide a means of attachment for snap hooks or other types of hardware. The ...


Rochford Bar Slide

Bar slides are made to be high strength and are lightweight. Locking teeth grip webbing without slippage. We carry both single and 3 bar slides. ...


Rochford Spring Snap

Lightweight, high strength delrin plastic. These spring snaps work well for making bag straps - just attach the webbing to it and you have your strap. ...


Rochford Shoulder Strap

Black. Rubber. Keeps webbing straps from digging into shoulder.

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2" Poly Webbing


Rochford Rectangular Loop

These rectangular loops are made out of a lightweight and heavy strength plastic. Click below to find the webbing to use with these:

1" Poly Webbing


Rochford Chafe Tab w/ Metal Bar

These chafe tabs are used in conjunction with adjustable buckles. The belt loop side stys offering a means of securing the loose end of the webbing. These chafe tabs come in 2 different sizes.

You can find the appropriate webbing to be used ...


Rochford Side Release Buckle

These quality side release buckles are lightweight and high strength. They are easy to adjust and easy to release.

You can use these side release buckles with the corresponding webbing:


D Ring

These D rings are lightweight and made from high strength delrin plastic Minimum buy of 20 pieces.

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Rochford Cam Buckle

Built tough, easy release. These cam buckles are made from delrin plastic.

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1" Poly Webbing ...


Rochford Tabular Buckle

Single bar, single locking. 25 piece minimum. These tabular buckles work great with our 1" Poly Webbing. ...


Rochford Triangle

Lightweight, high strength Delrin plastic. May be used with spring snap to make a shoulder strap on a bag. ...


Seat Belt Buckle

This nickel plated, black plastic covered 2 piece seat belt buckle is designed for 2" webbing. Perfect for wheel chairs, medical restraint, cart belts, etc. It has one side adjuster for size variations and a red push button center release clearly mar ...


YKK Spring Snap

Lightweight, high strength delrin plastic from YKK. ...